DESIGNATION: Musician; Pianist, Keyboard player, Vocalist, Composer, Arranger Showman, Entertainer
INSTRUMENTS: Piano, Keyboard, Pipe Organ, Piano Accordion, Synthesizer and Work stations
PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES: The ability to interface and communicate well with an audience “read the crowd”, so to speak. I am King of the stage, and exuberate confidence, and passion to my audience, and I give people what they want, “Attention”, and I love giving it to them. The piano is my passion, but I enjoy live performance and cabaret. Composing and arranging my own music is invigorating and Stimulates me creatively.
QUALIFICATIONS: Trinity College of London - Gr8 [Piano] - 1972
Royal School of Music (Licentiate practical) [Piano] - 1973
South African Defence Force (Entertainment Unit) - 1975
Private Tutor (Ralph Baleson) Jazz and Syncopation classes
[Piano and Organ] - 1977
Melody School of music (Composing, and Arranging)
[Piano and Pipe Organ] - 1978
Melody School of music (Stage practise and arranging.) – 1979
REPERTOIRE: Light Classical, Light Jazz, Fusion, Lounge, Contemporary, Latin American, Cabaret works, Band Work, Pop 50’s to 80’s
INFLUENCES: Classical: Grieg, Mozart, Scarlatti, and Bach
Fusion: Lee Ritneer, Chicorea, Dave Gruson, Four Play
Stanley Jordan,
Jazz: Dave Brubeck, Bob James Frank, Sinatra, Streisand
Contemporary:Santana. Queen,
Pop: Billy Joel, Elton John
Latin: Julio and Enrique Iglesias, Miami Sound Machine, Gypsy Kings, Carlos Santana
COMPOSITIONS: CD: Cosmic Collection (In process of Publication)
Registered: With SAMRO - H7355600 / P
PERFORMANCE VENUES: Churches: Pipe Organ Resident church organist - 9 Years
ST Joseph’s Catholic Church, Middleburg
Corporate: Convention Centres (various)
Caesar’s (Now Emperors )
Sun City Superbowl – 2003 (Million Dollar Concert)
Sun City Convention – Presidents dinner 28 Nov 2003
(Pres Mbeki and Nelson Mandela)
Johannesburg Country Club: - MBA Presidents dinner
(2003, 2004, and 2005)
Hotels and Casino’s: Holiday Inn’s (Various) - [Late 70’s and 80’s]
Swaziland: Royal Swazi Spar [80’s], The Bend Inn,
The Highland View Hotel
Mauritius: La Tropical Hotel [80’s]
Overvaal Resorts: HF Odendaal Resort, Marieskop
Loskop Dam Resort
Klein Cariba etc;
Worlds leading Hotels: The Palace, Lost City - 2003 to 2004
Michelangelo, Sandton - 2004 to 2005
(Attached letter of recommendation)
Sun City: Cabanas Hotel - 2003 to 2005
Emperor’s Palace (Caesar’s): Marc Antony’s Cigar Lounge – 2004 –2005 -2006
David Emporium - 2005
Emperor’s Hotel foyer (Piano) - 2004
Carnival City: Carnival Club Hotel (Piano) - Current
Restaurants: Villa de Palzo, Lost City - 2003 to 2004
Picolo Mondo, Michelangelo-Sandton - 2004
St Anna-Dunkeld (Silver service) – 2004
Carnival City Casino Bar-2005, Hi-Flyerz-2005
Harrison on 12th Ave 2006, Ambers Music Café -2006
HISTORY: * Classical music lessons at the age of 6.

* At age of 11, Attended Saint Charles College in Pietermaritzburg, and also attended additional private classes after school, to attain “Grade 4” theory and practical.

* At the age of 14, studied with from a private tutor in Ladysmith, Natal to complete grade 6.

* At age of 17 completed grade 8. At this stage started performing for various functions, and especially social functions at school (School plays, Matric farewells)

* At age 19 I had to complete compulsory military training, and heard of the SADF Entertainment unit, went for an audition, and was accepted into the SADF Entertainment Unit. This was my first exposure to working with a band, Jazz, Pop, Contemporary, and Light Music became the order of the day, performing with a small military band for various military functions.

* Simultaneously I commenced with private classes in jazz with Ralph Baleson, a well known Jazz pianist of the time.

* 1976 - After completing Military Training, I started a Three-Piece Band,
performing at wedding and other social events.

* 1977 - I stared performing Solo in Hotels, Restaurants, as well as with bands over weekends. Simultaneously I studied to pursue a career in Inorganic Chemistry. I started working for Anglo American, working in Laboratories
I ran dual careers up to 1990, and due to pressure of my daytime career and a marriage. I gave up my musical career.

* 1998 - After my divorce in 1998 I gave up my Career in the industrial sector and relocated to Johannesburg. After arriving in Johannesburg I again perused my musical career, working in coffee shops and performing in restaurants.

* 2001 - I started performing 6 nights a week at a restaurant in Kempton Park called the Chuck Wagon, for two years.

* 2003 - I auditioned at Sun City for Sun International for a position at Cabanas and was offered to perform at the Palace of the lost city, which I accepted.During the week, seven hours a day I performed piano at the Palace, playing on three different piano's, at different venues. I also performed twice a week at the Cabanas as a one man Band with vocals and keyboard.

* 2004 (March) - I again returned to Johannesburg to perform at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, and Caesars Casino at Marc Antony’s and simultaneously doing performances twice a week at Sun City Cabanas commuting weekly. Besides these venues I did performances at various restaurants and functions.

* 2005 (April) - I terminated my Contract with Michelangelo and commenced performing at Carnival City’s Club Hotel, where I still currently perform. I also completed my contract with Sun City Cabanas in April 2005, as I performances which overlapped.

CONCLUSION: Please note that I have only listed the most prominent venues over the last three years, and mainly Contractual venues, as a large part of my performances are corporate, weddings and single performances from Agents, at pubs, restaurants and private parties, and I have performed at too many venues to note here, but on request I can give a thorough Inventory to anyone who may request this.

Presently I am working on a CD release, Composing Songs, Arranging and Sequencing for other musicians as well as my own performances.